Janna Syvänoja

Janna Syvänoja (b. 1960) is a Finnish artist who, by a slow and meditative process, creates art jewellery.

Janna Syvänoja

Janna Syvänoja (b. 1960) is a Finnish artist who, by a slow and meditative process, creates art jewellery.

”I like to use abandoned materials in my work, I collect things people have left behind, and materials found in nature. My materials include paper, birch bark, feathers, flower petals, roots, and bits of glass smoothed by water. I’m interested in the lifecycle of materials, the way they change and become something else. I aim to present a new reality and a new context for a familiar material through sculptures, jewellery, collages, and installations.

Nature and all its wonders are an endless source of inspiration to me. My approach is increasingly focused on my concern about nature, climate change, the destruction of natural resources and the disappearance of species. As an artist, I’ve taken on the role of an observer and presenter. Stopping to appreciate the moment, saving something from disintegration and valuing the world around me is my way of respecting nature. Nature gives me the themes, materials and substance of my work. People often use the same rhetoric to discuss natural phenomena and the processes of the human mind. This universality of nature is part of my work, present in the names that lend themselves to multiple interpretations. My techniques are often slow. I grow form by building up and repeating material. The collection of materials can also take years before I actually create anything out of them. It feels as if I must find a kind of presence in order to relate to the message and personality of the materials, to discover my own angle for interpreting them, and to find their soul.”

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