Wool Slippers / Liisa Salmivaara

These slippers are made of 100% felted wool knit and have reindeer leather soles. This makes the slipper soft, comfortable and secure on slippery floor surfaces. Perfect to wear any time of the year, but especially during the chilly winters. Beautiful, authentic and practical from the knowing and experienced hands of Liisa Salmivaara.

Artisan: Liisa Salmivaara
Materials: 100% felted wool knit, reindeer leather soles & moth resistant yarn
Sizing: Small (eur 38) and Medium (eur 39/40)
Additional Notes: Hand wash with cool water and a gentle oil-based soap
Handmade in Kuusamo, Finland



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Beige, Light brown, Grey


Medium, Small


Liisa Salmivaara

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