WELLE Ring / Signed Studio

This beautiful silver ring with wavy lines will accompany you in any situation – casual or festive. The ring is handmade of solid sterling silver.

The signature style of jewellery designer Susanna Kainulainen is a careful combination of clean forms, rhythmic patterns and interesting details. The pieces are designed to become an adored part of your everyday life. Every piece is drawn, handcrafted and signed by the designer in her studio in Helsinki, Finland.

Jeweller: Susanna Kainulainen / Signed Studio
Material: Sterling silver
Size: diameter 17 mm and 18 mm
Additional Notes: Take care of your jewellery and it will last for a long time. Sterling silver will naturally tarnish and develop a patina over time with exposure to oxygen, sun, chemicals and moisture. You can clean your pieces in warm soap water and brighten back to a shine using a polishing cloth. The more you wear the piece the less it will tarnish. However, patina and marks add character and make the pieces more unique.
Handmade in Helsinki, Finland



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17, 18