Virpi Vihervuori | Notes of Bouquet V

MediumInk on acid free paper
Size39 x 27 cm




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Material 2




Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)



Virpi Vihervuori (b.1972) is a visual artist and graphic designer who, in addition to forest trails, walks in the zones of art and the multidimensional zones of design, taking advantage of the special features and similarities of both areas in her work. Vihervuori studied visual art for four years, after which she moved to the Netherlands to study graphic design, graduating from there as a Bachelor of Arts. She graduated with a MA from the Aalto University School of Art and Design. Art has run strongly alongside design in Vihervuori’s life from early childhood, becoming an increasingly important part of work and life over the years.

“I have for long drawn from the tradition of classical painting. Gradually, the material focus of paintings, the exploration of the possibilities of paint and base materials, and the strongly intuitive expressive painting process has begun to take more in the direction of abstract expression. My works are often built from the weaving of overlapping coats of paint, wiping off the process, and rapid brushstrokes. My works have a strong connection to the cycles of nature and the variation of the seasons. My experiences are filtered into the language of painting as an abstraction implemented with a monochromatic or low-colour scale. ”

Virpi Vihervuori