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VINO Mirror 40 / Iina Vuorivirta

The marvelous Vino mirror, designed by Iina Vuorivirta, has quickly become an iconic Lokal Kollektion product. The beauty of this mirror lies not only in its aesthetic perfection but also in the way it reflects parts of a space from an angle you wouldn’t necessarily see, or alternatively seeing the same reflection doubled. The fact that the copper and brass in the frame oxidise over time adds to the charm. It folds at the centre in either a concave or context way.

Materials: Copper and Wood
Sizing: Ø 40 cm
Additional Notes: The appearance of the frame material in both copper and brass options changes over time, this being an inherent part of the design. Depending on your preference, the metal can also be polished with suitable cleaning substances.

Handmade in Tallinn, Estonia

Please note that this product is shipped only within Finland, Scandinavia and Continental Europe. Please contact our Customer service ( if you live outside of this area, and wish to purchase this product.



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Inward, Outward


Brass, Black


Iina Vuorivirta

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