Vasu Basket / Design JaanaÖ

These VASU baskets are handmade from Finnish birch bark by artisan Jaana Öljymäki. It is a functional object and can be used as a basket in the kitchen, or for any kind of serving or storing. To the touch, it is a true feel of nature. This technique is one of the most traditional Finnish crafts techniques. By choosing this item, you preserve a part of our valuable cultural heritage alive. The maker thoroughly knows the cycles in nature as well as her technique, in order to be able to make an object that lasts for a lifetime, as long at it is well taken care of.


Artisan: Jaana Öljymäki

Materials: Finnish birch bark

Sizing: Small – approx. 21 cm x 10 cm, Large – approx. 27 cm x 10 cm

Additional Notes: If necessary, rinse slightly with lukewarm water and let dry

Handmade in Parkkila, Finland

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20x10cm, 26x10cm, 26x6cm


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