Tableware Set Junior, Berry Smoothie / Nuppu

Nuppu is a sustainable tableware series made for kids. The Nuppu tableware has a rounded, gentle feel, and is made of safe and natural materials. Created for a wide range of meals, this stackable set of ceramic tableware includes a plate, bowl and mug. The Junior series is designed for children between the ages of about three and six years old. During a time of new discoveries and experiences, this versatile series reflects childrenʼs growth as individuals. The Nuppu tableware sets have been carefully designed to be multifunctional and easily combined or paired with other tableware.

This ceramic set is manufactured in Japan and fired with the traditional techniques of Japanese Hasami-yaki pottery. Ceramic as a material is sustainable and teaches children to value things; fostering this sense of care is even more important when something is breakable. This is why Nuppu tableware has a three-year warranty covering the replacement of a broken dish.

Designer: Maija Puoskari for Tokyo SAIKAI
Plate w: 225 mm d: 175 mm h: 20 mm
Bowl Ø 130 h:70 mm
Mug with one handle Ø 70 h: 75 mm
Material: Ceramic
Additional notes: Dishwasher and microwave safe.
The set has a three-year warranty period covering the replacement of a broken dish. During the warranty period, one broken item can be replaced once.
Made in Hasami, Japan


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