This stylish black and white gift set includes a black crocheted pouch bag, organic black Chai tea and an olive soap bar.

The normal price of this set is 37,9 €.

Net Pouch / Katri Peltonen
A crocheted cotton pouch which is suitable for carrying home your apples or for keeping onions hanging in the kitchen.  This handmade pouch is made from a strong cotton yarn, and if well kept, will last from one generation to another. Sizing: approx. 28 cm x 20 cm / handles 17cm.
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BLACK Black Chai organic tea 60g / The Huone
Soft-spiced, sweet Indian-style tea for enjoyment with or without milk. The ingredients are Indian black tea, cardamom, Cassia, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and black pepper.
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LOKAL Olive Soap Bar
This mild and skin-friendly olive soap suits even the most sensitive hands. The soap is made of virgin olive oil, with a perfume of geranium essential oil. Trust us – you’ll want to keep on washing your hands with this soap. The soap is manufactured by Osmia in Helsinki.
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