Shaker Box / Pertti Humalajärvi

These traditional and long-lasting wooden boxes are handmade by carpenter Pertti Humalajärvi. The materials are chosen with precision and reflect the pride with which these beautiful boxes are made. These are truly a part of the heritage of Finnish crafts. They are an ideal storage solution for various home goods; bread, other edibles, tools, treasures – you name it.

Carpenter: Pertti Humalajärvi
Materials: Aspen, stitching with pine roots, base and cover of spruce wood
Sizing: 30 x 20 x 13 cm, 35 x 25 x 17cm
Handmade in Toivakka, Finland

125,00 185,00 


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30 x 20 x 13xm, 35 x 25 x 17cm


Aspen, Black


Pertti Humalajärvi

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