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A sauna scent sachet containing 100 % natural dried birch leaves, with the option of other additional natural scents. These easy-to-use biodegradable sauna scent bags are infused in the sauna bowl just like tea bags. Handmade in Finland. The product is biodegradable and the package can be recycled with paper and cardboard.
We believe that breathing in the steam of Birch essence refreshes your mind, helps your body to recover and gives you the best and most creative ideas.

When heating your sauna, put the scent bag into a bowl (or bucket), and add hot water to fill the bowl. Allow the bag’s contents to be infused into the water until the sauna has been heated for about 20 minutes. In our experience, the sauna scent works best as a moderate heat, circa 75 °C. Throw a scoop of water on the stove at regular intervals, relax, and take in all the freshness.

Manufacturer: Nystad Sauna Company Oy
Materials: Betula pubescens leaf
Sizing: three bags, ca. 4 g / each
Additional Notes: They are all-natural, vegan, ecological, zero-waste, chemical-free and safe to use.
Handmade in Uusikaupunki, Finland


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