Round Birds Rug / Tikau

Reminiscent of Nordic saga illustrations, this stunning hand-felted rug features a beautifully hand-embroidered bird motif that will bring joy to any space. In addition to its charm, this piece creates a livelihood for a few families in strife-riddled areas of the Kashmir region in India, where artisans need to work from home to ensure their safety. The embroidery technique used to make each rug is known as “Ari”, which is a style of chain stitch that is created with a specialised hook. As the rugs are handmade, each piece is unique and reflects the signature style of the artisan.

Artisan: Local Artisans for Tikau
Materials: Wool
Sizing: 155 cm
Additional Notes: Dyed with normal textile dye (not natural dye)
Care Instructions: Lay flat and gently hand wash with small amounts of mild carpet wool shampoo and lukewarm water at 30°C. Iron if necessary.



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Multicolor, Blue, Green



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