Stone Ring / Theresa Storbacka

A unique stone ring by Theresa Storbacka.  The beautiful green-pink coloured stone is Unakite granite composed by pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote and quartz. Theresa Storbacka works with stones found in the local nature. The shape and characteristics of the stone lead her forward in the jewellery making process, and the pieces find their shape through various stone cutting techniques. Creating jewellery from found stones works for her as a metaphor for becoming aware and embodied as an individual and society. By working with found and local material she makes a statement about value and sustainability, and questions the common use of gemstones. For her the most precious things in life are found closer than we think.

Jeweller: Theresa Storbacka
Materials: Unakite
Size: 16,5
Handmade in Helsinki, Finland


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