Riika Anundi | Fortuna

MediumDigital print

Edition of 30

Additional notes: Extra 3 cm white on the edges




View the pieceThe work is located at Lokal gallery, Annankatu 9, 00120 Helsinki. Welcome to view the piece!

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Material 2



Size 2

S (Ø < 30cm)



Riika Anundi paints abstract landscapes from imagination and of tender moments surrounded by nature. In her sculptures, she uses surplus materials. Anundi boldly experiments and explores different techniques and materials. In addition to traditional techniques (acrylic, oil, graphics and sculpture), Anundi works digitally by painting and sculpting. Riika Anundi (born in Oulu) is an artist and designer living in the capital region. She has a master’s degree in art from the University of Lapland. She has extensive expertise in both art and visual design.

“I study my surroundings closely. I notice small details in nature and the urban environment. Randomness is a force of nature that I also pursue in my art. I notice things that are unfinished, in the wrong places, mistakes: a composition made of debris or erosion in a stone wall. I am an aesthetician who worships the colours of the sunset and the rippling waves of the beach waters. Jealousy and longing are conveyed in my works. Sometimes I aim to paint beautiful brushstrokes, other times incompleteness and jaggedness can be seen. There are two sides to me. I am endlessly fascinated by opposites: love, sisterhood, community and loneliness, longing, outsiderness; sensitivity and potency; flow and calm; nature and urban space.”

Riika Anundi