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Spruce resin has been used in the treating and healing of wounds for hundreds of years in Finland. This resin cream, handmade by artisanal natural cosmetics maker Fiini Naturally, contains a high concentration of resin, approx. 30%. The cream helps the recovery of wounds and burns. It is also a great aid for irritant mosquito bites and can be used for treating skin acne. The resin is antibacterial, destroying harmful bacteria and fungus. Organic, cold-pressed canola oil is rich in vitamin E and ubiquinone, commonly known as coenzyme Q10, which boosts the renewing of skin cells. Beeswax moisturises, soothes, and protects the skin.
The cream can be used for both humans and pets.

Artisan: Fiini Naturally
Ingredients: *Brassica rapa seed oil (rapeseed oil), picea abies (resin), cera alba (beeswax)
All ingredients are from Finland.
Sizing: approx. 35 ml
Additional Notes: Do not use the product if you have a resin allergy.
Handmade in Isokyrö, Finland


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