Recipe Ribbon / Outi Martikainen

Handwritten Finnish recipes from the 1800’s, jacquard-woven into colourful ribbons. Compiled by textile artist Outi Martikainen. Varying lengths depending on recipe.

Presidentin rouvan kakut / Cakes of the President 11 cm x 175 cm
Marjapuuroa / Berry porridge 11 cm x 194 cm
Karjalaiset piiraat / Karelian pies 11 cm x 241 cm
Piparkakku / Gingerbread 11 cm x 100 cm
Ruisjauhopuuro / Rye flour porridge 11 cm x 174 cm

Textile artist: Outi Martikainen
Materials: High definition polyester yarns, woven
Jacquard-woven in Portugal



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Outi Martikainen


Karjalaisiapiiraita, Marjapuuroa, Piparkakku, Presidentin rouvan kakut, Ruisjauhopuuro