Porridge Gift Set – White

This giftset is made for all porridge lovers! The giftset includes two white porridge bowls by Raaka Rå and a bag of Malmgård Oat Flakes.

Raaka Rå Porridge Bowl
These ceramic porridge bowls by designer and maker Leena Kouhia brings a natural charm and a handmade feel to your everyday breakfast.

Ceramist: Leena Kouhia / Raaka Rå
Materials: clay and glaze
Sizing: approx. Ø 17 cm x h 4,5 cm
Additional Notes: Dishwasher safe
Handmade in Helsinki, Finland

Malmgård Oat Flakes 750 g
Malmgård estate is situated deep within the farming landscapes of Pernaja, by the Koskenkylä river. The farm, established in 1606, has stayed within the same family since 1614. Today it is operated by the 13th Creutz generation – the brothers Henrik and Fredrik. On its 500 hectares of fields, Malmgård focuses on organic farming and the development of organic food products. Electricity is produced from the water power of their own river.

Oat Flakes 750g
Produced in Malmgård, Finland