Paula Pääkkönen | Cranberry Shared with a Barbarian / RESERVED

MediumMouth blown glass
Size44 x 22 x 7 cm




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Material 2




Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)



Paula Pääkkönen (b. 1990) is a glassblower and a glass artist working in Nuutajärvi Glass Village, Finland. After graduating with a BA from Savonia University of Applied Sciences in 2014, she continued studying glass at Tavastia Vocational College, graduating as a Glass Artisan in 2016. Pääkkönen finalized her studies as a Glass Blower in Nuutajärvi Glass School in 2017. She uses glass as her primary material because it offers an element of challenge, while glassblowing techniques provide an endless source of inspiration. Her latest work explores the themes of childhood and imagination.

“Material is very important to me, and often shapes my ideas. I get inspired by glass, with its various uses, colours and possibilities. Tradition is the base from which I work, as glass has been molded the same way for hundreds of years. For me, innovation is about finding new ways of applying techniques and being open to stray from what has been thought of as being “the only right way”. I’m learning to love the mistakes, as they often give life to new ideas."

Paula Pääkkönen