Päivi Keski-Pomppu | Sway 2

MediumColoured glass
Size31 x 7 cm

Glass blower: Kaappo Lähdesmäki





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Material 2



Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)



Päivi Keski-Pomppu is a fine jewellery designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Keski-Pomppu completed her degree in Lahti Institute of Design in 2002. In 2018, Keski-Pomppu began studying in the Department of Interior Architecture at Aalto University. Born and raised in the tiny village of Torro in rural Finland, Keski-Pomppu was drawn towards handcrafting already as a small child. Today, she draws inspiration from a variety of themes, including minimalism, art and architecture, as well as the silence and ruggedness of nature.

“Many of my works are often born from explorations and my imagination, which have often been influenced by the things happening around me and by what I have seen. These can be colour combinations, a painting, or an interesting structure. I compose together various pieces created through experiments. There is often a theme in the background, which also in part leads the process, because I often get lost into things and it keeps me true to a red thread. I often start with just an idea, I see things three-dimensionally in my mind. I sometimes record them in quick sketches, simple lines – from that I often swiftly start to make a shape into the actual material or some suitable modelling material. Sometimes I reach what I see in my imagination, sometimes I don’t, but often it becomes more reduced the longer I work with it. I may work very intensively when I feel like I’m onto something. Some shape may be on my desk for a longer time and I make different variations of it. Repetition and really small changes can be defining, and can only be achieved with the help of materials.”

Päivi Keski-Pomppu