Net Pouch / Katri Peltonen

A crocheted cotton pouch which is suitable for carrying home your apples or for keeping onions hanging in the kitchen. You could even use it for storing socks in your drawer, or anything else you might imagine. This handmade pouch is made from a strong cotton yarn, and if well kept, will last from one generation to another. The pouch is a part of Katri Peltonen’s product range, made straight from the heart and with effortless skill.

Artisan: Katri Peltonen
Materials: 100% cotton
Sizing: approx. 28 cm x 20 cm / handles 17cm
Additional Notes: Wash at 60°C and shape when damp
Handmade in Rauma, Finland



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Off-White, Black


Katri Peltonen

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