Myssy hat, Nude / Myssyfarmi

The Myssyhat by Myssyfarmi is handmade by local grandmothers in Pöytyä, Finland. It is made of 100% organic Finnsheep wool and dyed by hand at Myssyfarmi’s farm. Please note that each hat can be slightly unique.

Wool is a perfect match also for warm summer days. Wool protects from UV rays and absorbs moisture from your head. The brim contains copper wire for extra shaping abilities. The product is onesized and thanks to its natural raw material it takes the shape of your head quickly in use. These woolen summer hats come with a lifetime warranty, just like all Myssyfarmi products.

Designer: Myssyfarmi
Material: 100% organic Finnsheep wool
Sizing: One size (M)
Handmade in Pöytyä, Finland


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