MITTUMAARI Eau de Parfum 50ml / Nakuna

Powdery floral with fresh bergamot built around rose and violet. An invitation to join the awakening of nature. Feminine.

And then, after a long winter, suddenly, we are all wide awake. Our shyness magically dissolves, and we embrace a newfound joie de vivre. The ultimate celebration of Finnish summer is Midsummer night’s fest, which is the meaning of the word “Mittumaari” in Finnish. A magic trick to do that night: Pick seven flowers, put them under your pillow, and your future lover will be revealed in your dream.

Creative Direction: Anu Igoni & Jaakko Veijola / Nakuna Helsinki
Perfumer: Nadège Legarlantezec
Top: Bergamot, Violet Leaves, Pink Pepper
Mid: Rose, Violet, Ylang-Ylang
Dry: Heliotrope, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Sizing: 50 ml Eau De Parfum, package size: 16 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm
Made in France


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