Lina Jelanski | Southern Hemisphere

MediumPrint mounted on aluminum, framed
Size100 x 75 cm

Edition of 5




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Material 2



Size 2

L (Ø > 70cm)



Lina Jelanski is a Helsinki based visual artist interested in the dialogue between the environment and humans, observations and their interpretation. Her way of working with photography is experiential and reflective of the environment. Jelanski was born in Ukraine and raised in Finland. She graduated with a master’s degree in art from Aalto University’s Art photography program in 2019, and in addition to art photography she works in the commercial field.

”During the high tide one is forced to walk carefully, placing one’s feet on an unknown surface beneath the water, unaware of what is happening under the surface, imagining what lays beneath. As the hours pass the moon pulls the water, the ocean retreats and the bottom becomes clearer. Some things we perceived as the truth were an illusion, while others were revealed in a way which hadn’t yet been imaginable. There are all kind of treasures hidden beneath.

During low tide concealed things appear, the mystery unravels. Each time I look at the surface it feels familiar, but the details are different as the time is layering my memories on top of each other. The moon has its own timing.”

Lina Jelanski