Kandili Candle Holder / Mifuko

Kandili Candle Holder by Mifuko can be stacked or used individually. It can hold both tealight candles as well as crown candles. Kandili candle holders have been designed by Finnish designer Hanna Anonen.

Kandili candle holder comes in A and D parts. The parts can be stacked together.

The candle holders are hand carved by artisans living in the heart of soapstone crafts rural village of Tabaka, Kenya. The artisans are paid a fair price for their work. They also receive development support for projects in the community that improve their health and living conditions as well as to provide education for their families and the village at large. 

Designer: Hanna Anonen
Manufacturer: Mifuko
Material: 100 % soapstone
Part A: length 11 cm, height 6 cm.
Part D: length 11 cm, height 10 cm.
Additional: Kandili can be cleaned with mild soap with a soft cloth. Never use harsh cleaners to clean the candle holders. Avoid scratching the surface. Do not drop on hard surfaces.
Handmade in Kenya

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