Inni Pärnänen / Kesä, black

Year: 2021

Medium / materials: birch plywood, pigment, wax

Size: 60 x 55 x 3cm

SUMMER is based on a modular approach, in which parts which comprise intertwining pentagonal forms create a whole. The form of these parts follow characteristic structures of nature. The frail opposing parts make the form simultaneously both firm and flexible. The work as a whole is light. The shadows formed by the work are an integral part of its realization which changes throughout the day with the shifting of natural light and electrical lighting. Light travels through the structures of the work, as it does throughout foliage in the northern summer – KESÄ introduces nature indoors.

The forms have been created using Grada-birch plywood by laser cutting technique and a mold for shaping. Grad-plywood is a heat modifiable Finnish material-innovation, which is ecological in all stages of its lifespan. One of the unique qualities of plywood is its capacity to withstand bending as well as changes in humidity levels. The structure of the work is straightforward and easily dismantled, and its parts can be individually replaced in case of damage.


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Inni Pärnänen