This giftset includes one ILO Tea Towel in the Niitty colour, and one white beeswax TÄHTITORNI candle. Perfect gifts to surprise your hosts with when going for summer cottage visits or parties.

The normal price of this set is 42 €.

ILO TEA TOWEL / Veera Kulju
Ilo tea towel is designed by Veera Kulju. Its uses are many and versatile, and the 100% linen softens gorgeously with usage. The subtle nuances of its beautiful colours resonate in almost any home, echoing the spirit of Veera Kulju’s textile artwork. The towel has been weaved by Lapuan Kankurit in Lapua Finland.
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TÄHTITORNI Beesvax Candle / Erja Hirvi
The irresistible Tähtitorni beeswax candle is designed by Erja Hirvi. It is made using only local beeswax, with no added chemicals. It burns with a beautiful big flame and a lovely honey-like scent. Sizing: approx 15 cm x 6 cm.
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