Harlequin Scarf / Kelpman Textile

The harlequin is Kelpman Textile’s signature pattern, which comes in a myriad of colour combinations. This soft and very warm scarf is woven in small editions from high quality materials. No chemicals are used in the process.

Designer: Mare Kelpman
Material: 100% wool
Size: 45 cm x 220 cm
Product care: Hand wash program at temperatures up to 30C, without twisting. Alternatively dry clean.
Made in Finland and Estonia.

Care tips: The scarf will serve you longer if you take time to care for it and give the scarf some recreational moments. Wool material should be washed with neutral and special detergent. For hand wash, fill a bucket with body temperature water, let the scarf sit for a while and then start rinsing until detergent is washed out. Do not twist the scarf, and hang it to dry horizontally. After the item has dried you’re welcome to gently steam it from a distance with a steamer or an iron. The wool will be profoundly grateful. If you choose to use dry cleaning please do specify the material (wool) and ask for a gentle treatment.



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Kelpman Textile


Blue – Light blue, Orange – White

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