Dog Basket / Tikau

An ecological banana fibre basket handcrafted by local artisan women in South India. It is perfect for your furry friend, but also great for other purposes. Use it to store kids toys, logs by the fireplace or extra blankets.

The Tikau programme was initiated with the aim of providing a better income, social status and empowerment to the local women. The material used for the bags and baskets is the locally available banana fibre made out of the dead leaves of banana trees. These leaves, previously considered as waste, are now getting a new life in the form of useful, contemporary and sustainable items.

Artisan: Tikau Artisans
Materials: Banana fibre.
Sizing: M: 60 cm x 52 cm x 13 cm (Fox Terrier), L: 75 cm x 55 cm x 26 cm (Labrador Retriever), XL: 90 cm x 65 cm x 27 cm (Labrador Retriever)
Additional Notes: Gently hand wash with a soft brush or sponge. While still damp, shape the product back to its original form.
Handmade in India.

140,25 220,15 


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L, M, XL



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