Dessert Bowl / Calle Forsberg

This dessert bowl by Calle Forsberg is perfect for serving dessert, breakfast or snacks. These bowls have magical red and silver glaze on the inside and outside.

Calle Forsberg is an experienced Swedish ceramist, who has been selling his tableware for 25 years. He presents his work; “I like making tableware. Things we need to serve the food and eat it. Plates, bowls of various sorts, jugs, teapots, cups, boxes, salt‐cellars etc. I want my things to be plain and natural. If the bowl is beautiful and functional it is good.”

Ceramist: Calle Forsberg
Materials: Clay, glazed on the inside and outside
Sizing: Ø approx. 14 cm, height 5 cm.
Additional Notes: Dishwasher safe, food-safe glazing
Handmade in Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden


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Calle Forsberg