Cheese Knife, Rowan / Emalipuu

A handmade wooden cheese cutter, made of maple, is designed to cut hard cheeses. The gentle feel of the wood is appreciated at the breakfast table just as well as when used for a dinner cheese platter. The maker, Arto. has told us that the cutter is also handy when turning for example perch in the frying pan, which leaves traces on the wood – a beautiful patina. The skilful carpenter Arto Salminen is specialised in woodturning by hand – a technique used throughout the Emalipuu range sold at Lokal. Arto uses local wood, usually found in people’s gardens or nearby parks.

Carpenter: Arto Salminen
Materials: Maple wood, treated with a mix of natural oils and wax
Sizing: approx. h 18 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm
Additional Notes: Hand wash
Handmade in Korpilahti, Finland


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