Bird Feeding Place for small birds / Toinen Luonto

A bird feeding place for small birds, made by Toinen Luonto. Each side of the food bowl has an opening reinforced with a steel plate from which small birds can easily pick seeds and nuts. The box is filled through the opening lid and has a capacity of 2 liters. There is a special frame Inside the container which prevents the seeds from flowing out of the feed openings. Bird food is protected from rain inside the box, and at the same time the place to eat stays clean and diseases do not spread. The weight of the suspended box ensures that the lid stays on even in windy weather.

Material & Size: The frame of the box is 18 mm softwood plywood and the roof is weatherproof 9 mm film plywood.
Made in Kuusisto, Finland



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Grey, Red


Toinen Luonto

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