BIRCH BARK Punnet with Lid / Tuohimuori

This birch bark punnet with a lid is a perfect example of Finnish craftsmanship and its heritage. It’s original, functional, and is made using traditional techniques. The technique requires wide knowledge of how to collect the bark material as well as how to process it to for use. This knowledge gives the possibility to make lasting, ecological and nature-connected objects for everyday use. The feel of the tree is still strongly present. Please note that each piece is unique, and slight changes in size are possible and characteristics to the punnet.

Artisan: Tuohimuori
Material: Birch bark
Sizing: S: 3cm  x 2cm x 2cm, M: 5cm  x 3cm x 3cm
Handmade in Lahti, Finland

24,00 28,00 

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M, S, XS