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Glasshouse Helsinki, the parent company of Lokal Helsinki

“We’re calling for artists, designers, architects, scientists and businesspeople to come together, today. The time to get up and make a real difference is now.“

When looking at the world and hearing the turmoil of people’s thoughts around us, it is clear that we’ve reached a crossroads. Climate change is a reality and the global pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of our entire society. After decades of unsustainable growth, we must urgently correct our course. On the macro level, we need a simultaneous societal change that reaches from politics to economics, human relations and ethics alike. On the micro level, we’re witnessing individuals, institutions and companies regroup, reassess and refocus their values. As a result, they’re seeing brands, experiences and themselves in a whole new light.

The change is inevitable, necessary and vast. But as we know, crisis and chaos also provide opportunities for creativity and new ways of thinking. At Glasshouse Helsinki, we have the momentum to connect the dots and build a concept with a holistic view of sustainability. Our aim is to make creativity and design serve the needs and advance the goals of sustainability.

Glasshouse Helsinki is a studio, an incubator and a consultancy. It’s an early adopter of new innovative ideas, a hub of material development and creative talent in fashion, design and art. It dares to experiment and fuse disciplines together. Glasshouse Helsinki is excited by prototypes, raw ideas, and even human error. It supports pioneering ideas, encouraging growth and broadening horizons. Glasshouse Helsinki connects brands, concepts, creatives and thought leaders with a shared passion for innovation and thriving, sustainable business. Glasshouse Helsinki is an ecosystem that relies on responsibility.

According to Glasshouse Helsinki, there is no such thing as perfection. In the future, sustainability and transparency will play a key role in consumer decisions. To maintain their value perception, companies and institutions will need to develop responsibility policies for themselves and their suppliers. However, as long as they strive towards more sustainable and ethical business, aspiring to curb climate change and improve the resilience of nature, imperfection is perfectly acceptable. What matters is agile and continuous improvement, the aim to get better every day.

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