For you never know what you’ll find.



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For you never know what you’ll find.



The Index



Outi Martikainen

Outi Martikainen is a textile artist known for her striking large-scale woven images, as well as her distinct knowledge and use of her material.


Our first Recognition Gift

We have awarded a Finnish artisan with our first Recognition Gift, a new annual award honouring artisan skills. We also shared two special honourable mentions to silversmith Elle Valkeanpää and container maker Bo-Åke Ljungars.


A Winter Day in the Country

We spent a sunny winter Sunday in Hanni’s cabin just outside Helsinki, enjoying both sensory and visual treats which we could like to share with you.


Eija Koski

Take a moment to look into himmelist Eija Koski’s studio, learn about the himmeli making process, and become enchanted by a silent magic as she guides you through her world in this video.

Events & Exhibitions



18.11.2020 – 23.1.2021

The Itkupaju (Weeping Willow) exhibition intertwines Itkupaju, a large textile piece by Outi Martikainen (covering the whole wall of the high gallery space) with a sea of candles, and other accompanying art pieces by Sasha HuberHanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Nathalie LautenbacherKristina Riska and Kim Simonsson.

Itkupaju welcomes you to feel a calm and quietness, intending to be a sacred room for finding a moment of peace and clarity during the darkest days of the year.

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Elle Valkeapää

Elle Valkeapää (b. 1979), an exceptional jeweller, comes from a long line of craftsmen and women.

Katriina Nuutinen

Katriina Nuutinen (b.1983) is one of the leading Finnish designers of her generation, specialising in glass and lightings.

Linda Lulou

Linda Lulou is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

Veera Kulju

Veera Kulju (b. 1975) is a fine artist and designer who has graduated from Aalto University.

Rasmus Palmgren

Rasmus Palmgren is a Finnish designer who seeks new perspectives for everyday objects

Saara Renvall

Saara Renvall (MA) is a multi-disciplinary artist working on sculptures and experimental design.

Current: Wool and silk staples

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