For you never know what you’ll find.



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For you never know what you’ll find.



The Index



Inka Kivalo

We visited the studio of Finnish textile artist Inka Kivalo, who’s wonderful works have been shown at Lokal for years now.


Season’s Treats

We spent a Sunday cooking some of our favourite seasonal dishes, serving them on both our staple kitchenware and some newbies fresh from the kiln. Enjoy!


Glasshouse Helsinki

The change is inevitable, needed and big. But as we all know, crisis and chaos are opportunities for new thinking and creativity. There is a momentum to connect the dots and build a concept with a holistic view on sustainability. A view, where the creativity and design serve the needs and purpose of sustainability.


Yoshimasa Yamada

Yoshimasa Yamada’s work has been presented and sold at Lokal from the very early years. We are always intrigued to discover his newest beautiful innovations, and it is with pleasure that we share with you this interview.

Events & Exhibitions


Renata Jakowleff: Myriadi Myriad

22.10. – 8.11.2020

Renata Jakowleff is a Helsinki-based glass artist working in the interface of art and craft. Renata crafts her material in experimental ways, using techniques which question conventional glasswork.




We live in a time in which sensing, touching and analog experiences are limited. The Materia exhibition at Lokal celebrates forms, surfaces and colors. It is about the dialogue between the eye and the mind.

The artists exhibited in the exhibition are Saija Halko, Inka Kivalo, Helena Lehtinen, Rasmus Palmgren, Tuuli Saarelainen and Melissa Sammalvaara.

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Linda Lulou

Linda Lulou is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

Ville Tanttu

Ville Tanttu (b. 1967) is a Helsinki based filmmaker and artist.

Veera Kulju

Veera Kulju (b. 1975) is a fine artist and designer who has graduated from Aalto University.

Rasmus Palmgren

Rasmus Palmgren is a Finnish designer who seeks new perspectives for everyday objects

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