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Anna Niskanen

Anna Niskanen’s works are prints of graphics based on photography, in which she deals with remembering nature, landscape and place.

Lina Jelanski

Lina Jelanski is a Helsinki based visual artist interested in the dialogue between the environment and humans.

Ananya Tanttu

Ananya Tanttu (b.1994) is a Helsinki-based photographer and video artist who uses lens-based media as a means of creative self-expression.

Marika Kecskeméti

Photographer Marika Kecskeméti (b. 1966) creates large and glossy aluminium prints.

Tiina Koivusalo

Koivusalo’s artworks are large-scale digital collages.

Ville Tanttu

Ville Tanttu (b. 1967) is a Helsinki based filmmaker and artist.

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