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Elli Hukka

Elli Hukka is a Helsinki-based jewellery designer with strong roots in the forests and lakes of Eastern-Finland.

Minna Arponen

Minna Arponen is a jewellery designer, inspired by everyday life and the objects around it.

Elle Valkeapää

Elle Valkeapää (b. 1979), an exceptional jeweller, comes from a long line of craftsmen and women.

Janna Syvänoja

Janna Syvänoja (b. 1960) is a Finnish artist who, by a slow and meditative process, creates art jewellery.

Päivi Keski-Pomppu

Päivi Keski-Pomppu is a fine jewellery designer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Inni Pärnänen

Inni Pärnänen is an artist and designer from Helsinki.

Lina Simons

The Helsinki- based jewellery design company, Lingon Design, is all about standing out like red lingonberries in the forest.

Helena Lehtinen

Helena Lehtinen is often described as a collector, picking up things she later uses in her jewellery.

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