Congratulations Reeta!

Reeta Ek was recently awarded as the Young designer of the year 2017.

She is a Helsinki-based textile and surface designer (MA). Her background is in fine arts, but an interest in surfaces and patterns drove her to study textile design in Aalto University. Reeta’s work was showcased in Lokal as part of the Äärillä exhibition. Reeta has also designed a selection of prints for our Lokal Kollektion.

Reeta’s designs can also be seen in the collections of Marimekko, Lapuan Kankurit, Nanso and Samuji. She also works with graphic design, illustration, and other visual works. Her way of working gives room to chance and to trial and error.

“I try to avoid planning too much. I’m interested in experimental and arbitrary methods. My way of working is well described as Mark-Making, in which different tools and materials are used to “make marks”. I assemble my works from these marks. This type of experimentation does not put the end result into the center, but the process itself” Ek says.

Reeta Ek

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