Meet the Lokal Team

Lokal is essentially a large family, consisting of friends, artists, interns, builders, visionaries – you name it! There are many of you. These are the ladies currently at the core of it all;

Katja Hagelstam, the Curator & Founder of Lokal, breathes Finnish art and design. She enjoys nothing more than bringing people together, spotting talent and ultimately providing a platform for a creative community to flourish, all the while promoting sustainable, ethical and ecological values within the field. Katja developed her keen eye for quality, detail and timeless aesthetics as a photographer, focusing mostly on interiors, architecture and art objects for over 30 years. Since the opening of Lokal in 2012, Katja has curated close to 60 exhibitions at the gallery various other locations in Finland and abroad. Katja is the ultimate social animal, especially over a cup of good coffee.

Kati Ruohomäki, the Gallery Manager, is interested in words, human behaviour and all things mystic. Her passion is in arts and she is inspired by the things she can’t understand. Kati is an experienced cultural manager and has been working in the Finnish art world since her graduation from The Academy of Fine Arts 2006. She runs Lokal like clockwork, always on top of everyday functions of the shop and the gallery. Outside of Lokal, Kati is working on her own cross field art projects, involving installations, texts and a pod cast. Kati enjoys going for long walks and wouldn’t mind talking about art and life everyday.

Meena Kaunisto, Cultural Producer, is a matchmaker in art, culture and creative fields, interaction between individuals and culture has always been her passion. And cooking. Her primary tasks at Lokal are managing Lokal’s international projects and B2B operations. Outside the office she loves experiencing, thinking and sharing. Her background is in culture management (M.Sc) in Finland and abroad. Meena is an entertainer extraordinaire and is never more in her element than when surrounded by friends and family.

Piëtke Visser, Designer, is a visual storyteller, an adventurous designer who believes in playfulness, empathy and an open culture of collaboration. In her work she strives to find bold, surprising and human centered design solutions. Piëtke has been a part of the Lokal team since its inception. Her primary responsibilities include the visual branding of Lokal, design and art direction for the Lokal Kollektion and changing Lokal exhibitions. Currently Piëtke is working as creative director at Kuudes, the insight-driven design consultancy in Helsinki and Stockholm. When she goes to sleep, Piëtke dreams of Africa and being a beekeeper.

Hanni Koroma, Interior Architect, says that a space is like a poem, which evolves constantly. She emphasizes that her designs are always a part of a larger entity, and in dialogue with the culture and time. Hanni has been tailoring the spatial and exhibition design for Lokal since 2014, and is one of the key designers behind the Lokal Kollektion. The Interior design studio Hanni Koroma was founded in 1997. Since then Hanni has designed over 200 private homes and public spaces including offices, boutiques and restaurants, in Finland and abroad. Hanni loves nature and her favourite place to be is in the fresh Finnish forest.

Ananya Tanttu is a Helsinki-based creative with a primary focus on photography, media and video art. Her personal work is concerned with the silent expansion of all things beautiful. As a second generation Lokal team member, Ananya has been involved since the very start, helping whenever there is the need, backstage or at the front desk. Her current responsibility is Lokal’s social media platforms, managing web content, and making people feel at home at our events and openings. Ananya is a true life explorer and the calm presence of reason at Lokal.

(Portraits taken by Ananya)

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