Lokal Creators / Matias Liimatainen

Matias Liimatainen is a Helsinki-based sculptor and artist, whose work we have been presenting at Lokal for several years now in exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. He works primarily with ceramics, often in imaginative combinations with wood. His most recent pieces are part of our current Miniatyr Keramik exhibition, which is running until 17.10.2020. He has recently been awarded Young Designer of the Year 2020. Congratulations, Matias!

Lokal: What is your design and production process like?

Matias Liimatainen: In my working process, I trust a strong inner intuition. I often start with an vision of an idea or method. During the process, the idea becomes clearer and better. As the work develops, the material itself gives answers and often surprises. You have to listen to it! It is of great importance to me that at the beginning of the process, I do not understand my own motive. An excitement and mystery is thus maintained in the process, which I hope then is shown in the final pieces as well. I find it liberating to get to look for answers to questions I don’t yet have.

L: What is your own favourite work in your own production / in Lokal for sale?

M.L.: My favourite work in my production is a piece called Green Morning. I made it for the 140th anniversary exhibition of Finnish craftsmen at the Design Museum. Technically, the work is a ceramic relief. With a technique based on textile bonding structures, it is possible to create a ceramic surface in endless different ways and nuances. For myself, this type of work allows me to shift from sculpture to painting.

L: What important principles do you have in your making?

M.L.: I feel like I am moving in a middle ground between visual arts, design and handicraft tradition. The material itself inspires me. In design, a natural collaboration with the material is important to me. I want to justify the material and use it so that its own voice is visible alongside my handprint.

See more of Matias’ work here.